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Fertilemoms is a platform where we help you achieve/avoid pregnancy through a holistic regimented approach that supports your fertility as well as your general health through guidance on the right nutrition, diet, lifestyle changes/adjustment, supplements/multivitamins and natural therapies that heal you and increase your chances of conception to more than 80%

We also teach you how to recognise your body signs and help you keep track of your ovulation and pre-select the sex of your next baby if you wish to do so.

In pursuit of our everyday goals, we undergo some form of stress here and there; this takes a toll on our bodies hormonal function but because God wired us fertile beings, we don’t really need “fixing” all we need is some form of balancing, hence finding that balance again is extremely important in achieving optimum fertility.

That is why I recommend this platform to anyone who is 100% interested to be in the driving seat of their fertility journey.


Good morning sis, I am still speechless oo, I didn’t realize my period was late during our last chat, I did a home test over the weekend. Positive! God is great! Never expected it so soon.

Good morning ma! How is your weekend going?
After trying for 18 months, with one surgery to remove uterine adhesion, 2 HSG. I spent over 500k to correct my hormonal imbalance, I met you, God brought me to you, and He used you to treat my issues. I am 5weeks gone, the treasurer of this our club is pregnant. God did it for us, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us for just a token.
God will continue to guide you and your household.

Seriously, I must confess. I have serious changes in my body: clear menstruation and now enjoy sex well with hubby. I believe sooner than I can think of pregnancy with take place.

Fertilemom! Fertilemom! How many times did I call you?
My period just arrived, I was feeling pains in my abdomen, I checked my panty liner, oh dear! I am so surprised, after the heat on my abdomen, Fertilemom! I am in tears right now, it arrived at work.

Good day, ma! I just saw a drop of blood today oo, after how many months, it came yesterday but I wasn’t sure, today is coming out.

Mama! Good evening. Your girl went to ease herself this evening and cleaned up, I saw this stretchy-like substance like catarrh, with a dot of blood in it, I am ovulating oo, I just love you, kisses.

Something happened on Saturday of September. I went for exercise on Saturday, before leaving, I had my lemon drink, after the walkout, I had moi moi and kunu aya. On getting home, I started feeling as if I want to menstruate, enter toilet after pee finish, I just saw that white egg Yolk stained with little blood, of which seen April, I have not seen

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